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Lovely Cats screensaver

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Lovely Cats screensaver screenshot
Lovely Cats screensaver screenshot
Lovely Cats screensaver screenshot

There is no creature in this world as intelligent and as friendly to human being as a cat. Moreover, cats are often of great help to us as they provide wonderful reflections of our own behavior. Cats are known for their ability to heal wounds with their antiseptic saliva, normalize blood pressure of a person stroking their fur and do other wonders.

Besides that, cats are beautiful! The refined elegance of this creature made it a popular trans-cultural image. Millions of people around the globe are devoted to loving and caring for cats as cats love us and make our lives better!


Lovely Cats is a graphical slide-show style screensaver displaying beautiful hand-drawn images of cats. You will definitely enjoy the change of atmosphere on your home or office desktop as these wonderful creatures appear on your screen!

The artistic nature of the images used in this screensaver distinguishes it from any other similar product. You can see the artistic perceptions of cat's character and natural behavior. Enjoy them trying to catch their own tails, staring at you wisely or just playing around on your desktop!

Lovely Cats is the unique entertainment and recreation package that delivers hours of relaxation and enjoyment right to your desktop!

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Lovely Cats screensaver screenshot

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