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Our orders processed by most trusted software registration services: RegNow (U.S.) and ShareIt (Germany).

Order from RegNow if you are inside U.S. or Canada. Ordering from ShareIt is an excellent choice if you are outside from the US.
Acceptable currencies: US Dollars. Acceptable currencies: US, Canadian and Australian Dollars, Euro, Pound Sterling, Swiss Francs and Yen.

Payment options: All major credit cards, phone, purchase orders, checks, mail, fax orders, wire transfer.

    Title Price
New! Lovely Cats screensaver $9.95 US orders International orders
Sweet Girls screensaver $9.95 US orders  
Amazing Girls screensaver $9.95 US orders International orders
Classic Cats screensaver $9.95 US orders International orders
Christmas Girls screensaver $9.95 US orders International orders

Once you have registered, the registration information will be sent to you via e-mail.

If you have any question or requests feel free to contact us.

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